Arianna Fenton (touzokuqueen) wrote in ray_and_lily,
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Rily is so fool...funky and cool you know. best of both worlds...

Yay a Rily fan community! *falls over in delight* I've been looking for one for an uber long time. So yes, I support Rily! Rily all the way!
1. When I first started watching RFR, Ray liked Lily, that was all, that was that, end of story.
2. Trily came in too late. I was already Travis obsessed.
3. I am way to jealous about the Trily thing to let Lily (or Audrey or Bridget for that matter) have him =o that's stumpfish (stupid and selfish. Best o' both worlds!) but that's my reasoning...So yay! Rilyness! OTP BABY!
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