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First promo

When we say Ray tell Grace "I'm with you, alright!", they're in the same clothes from SoundWave in "There Will Be No Encore". Mhh, so did he hear or not? He sounds nervous, so maybe he did and he's hoping Grace didn't.

Why is Grace wearing that same orange shirt every time we see her?

Why can Lily and River be together out in the open, but Robbie and Kim have spent almost two seasons hiding??!!

Speaking of, looks like Kimbie gets back together--but then Lauren comes into the picture! Dun dun DUN!

Second promo
It cuts off right after we see a guy at a locker! Can anyone help? I can hear, I just don't see anything!

But thanks to A-C's caps, I've managed to formulate some opinions...

First, Sully is not gay, but Lauren looks really, really hot. All sultry and such. Yay!

She also looks so un-Paige like. And so un-Lauren like. Ahh, the wonders of wardrobe and some glasses!


Lily+leather jacket=NOTT!

Holy crap, the drummer! Is in the previews! And she looks really nice! And like she's in front of Lily and Parker...what is that about?

Lily's high pigtails during the performance at the HS are NOT pretty. Eww.

I don't think Parker is so much jealous when she walks in as she realizes that her best friend is playing just about every guy at Roscoe. But hey, if I went to Roscoe, I bet I'd do the same thing. :)

What the shit are Robbie and Parker doing with their arms in the air?

Why are they showing old Rily clips!!!?

Ugh, why is River dancing with Lily in the hall? Hi, corny!

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